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High Performance

With a Cloud system designed on top of the innovative OpenStack platform, enhanced with security features to protect your business, and coupled with the usage of hyperfast, cutting-edge SSD storage, the GloboTech platform will give you the best performance in the industry.


Our system enables you to scale your Cloud Server in mere seconds whenever the need arises, and you only pay for the extra used resources. The scalability provided by our Cloud Server platform means that your systems are always resilient, with servers ready to face any new challenge

Simple Pricing

Forget unnecessary and mysterious side charges and extra fees. Using GloboTech Cloud Servers will quite simply, charge you exactly for how much server time you use. No surprise charges, only straightforward pricing that correlates directly with your hourly usage.

One Click App

Our One Click Applications feature will transform the way you see the Cloud. Thanks to One Click, you can launch all your favorite applications within seconds, sit back, and enjoy seeing what your programmers can do with no deployment related worries or overhead.


How can I use the $5 Free Credit?

You will get full access to our Cloud Hosting Services and you will be able to create any size of Cloud Server. The $5 can be used on any Cloud Servers and will be applied as a credit on your usage. The $5 credit will be valid for 60 days from the account creation date.

How will I be Billied?

Each Cloud Server is billed per portion of 1 hour. If you only have created an instance for 4 hours, you will only be charged for the 4 hours usage.

Why do I need a credit card if I get $5 credit

We simply need a credit card to verify your identity. We won't charge you until your credit is fully used and if you continue using our services. To verify that your account, we do a small 25 pre-authorization charge that will be immediately return to your credit card.

Is the Free trial available to anyone?

Our $5 Fee trial is available to any new customers that is currently not using GloboTech Cloud. It is not available to any existing user of GloboTech Cloud.

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